Carnivals & Fiestas

Easter week - "Semana Santa".  

Holy week is celebrated everywhere in Spain, and Frigiliana is no exception. However the occasion is quite unique and very special. The two most important days are Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion, and Easter Sunday, the resurrection.

Statues of the risen Christ and the Madonna are carried around Frigiliana in a huge procession.

Different groups of men and women wear different coloured robes and one group of men are dressed to resemble each of the apostles

The procession starts once again at the church near our Frigiliana holiday apartment and lasts about one hour or more, until it reaches Plaza del Ingenio.

Day of the crosses.

In May (the date can vary) there is a day when local people construct crosses made out of flowers. These are paraded through Frigiliana's streets with a lot of pride, noise and applause.

Naturally there is lots of dancing, drinking and feasting on local produce, especially the famous, intoxicating Frigiliana wine - made sweet with the Muscatel grape and tasting like a strange sherry!

The Flamenco competition.

The people of Frigiliana love their traditions and none more so than traditional dancing.

Each May or June (again the tourist office can supply dates) a Flamenco competition is organised.

Its purpose is to choose the best candidates to go forward into the national competition.

Frigiliana is making a great effort to re-invent itself as an artistic centre of the Axarquia, an Arab name meaning 'The East'.

This competition, running for many years is becoming a renowned part of that artistic initiative.

Since it lasts for three or four weeks, if you are in Frigiliana in May or early June you should be able to see some of the dancing.

The summer concert in Frigiliana.

Every year in the summer there is a concert starring Spanish groups and solo artists.

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